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Scales Indicator MKCells MK-TS7
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We sell cheap price MKCells Scales Indicators with guaranteed quality.
MKCells MK-TS7 Scales Indicators Touch screen weighing indicators are a type of weighing indicator that specializes in digital truck scale applications. It adopts a technical platform for multi-task operating systems, TFT screens and all touch operations. It has a digital advantage to a fairly high level and shows directly and adjusts scale operations with graphic forms and makes it clear and high efficient; it reminds operations and wrong errors with dialogue, and descriptive instructions in the dialogue make the solution to the error easy and precise; It has a management interface for clear weighing data records and is suitable for static digital truck scale systems.

Digital RS-485 load cell interface, 75 m total connecting cable 12 pcs load cells
Transmission rate of 9600, 19200 bps;
DC12V / 750mA power supply
Load cells numbers 1 ~ 16pcs
Communication protocols U - P protocol
7 inch 800 x 480 TFT color display display mode;
Keyboard Resistive touch screen
Screen interface 20mA current loop constant current serial output baud rate 600, transmission distance ≤ 100m
Standard Serial communication interface: RS232 and RS485, optional 600 ~ 19200 baud rate
Printer interface Standard parallel printer interface, suitable with EPSON LQ-300K + II, EPSON: Q-300K, EPSON LQ-680K, EPSON LQ-730K, EPSON LQ-1600K (+), KX-P1131, KX-P1121, POS58IV, DS-300 or AB-300K
Ethernet interface 10 / 100mbps
Data storage is 1000 sets of tare, 4500 sets of new weighing Records, 300 sets of new incomplete weighing
Power supply AC 110 ~ 220V, 50 / 60Hz;
Dimensions 318 x 218 x 100mm
Weight Approx 2.7 kg

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